Airway-focused Orthodontics

We go beyond looking at just the alignment of your teeth to include an analysis of your mouth and airways. This philosophy is called airway-focused orthodontics and is used to treat the underlying cause of health issues, not just the symptoms. Crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw are often the symptoms of a deeper issue which can stem from improper breathing or other poor oral habits. As we catch and correct underlying conditions, we can restore function, eliminate pain, open the airway for proper breathing, and allow the teeth to grow in naturally straight.

While adults may feel like their orthodontic options are limited, Dr. Parker has techniques and technologies that aid him in correcting problems in patients who’s teeth and jaw are no longer growing. He can improve facial esthetics and correct improper oral habits in alignment with your needs, timeline, and budget.

Children are ideal candidates for orthodontic treatment because their teeth, jaw, and facial structures are still growing and changing. We offer The Myobrace® System as a form of pre-orthodontic treatment for children that works to eliminate the need for braces. To learn more about Myobrace and if it may be beneficial for your child, give our practice a call.